Ross Wightman

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Rollei 2.8D

Made in 1955, the simplicity and curb appeal, the bulkiness yet elegance, of this incredible camera is what makes me carry it everywhere I go. No batteries needed to capture a moment that truly makes you feel something. With only 12 shots per roll it makes me slow down and find that perfect moment. The size of the negative from this beast creates the most incredibly clear, rich photos (equivalent to 282MP).



The quick one. For the moments that are full of life. Cranking out up to 20 frames per second this little firecracker can capture it all. When the bouquet is flying you want to see who is happy and what boyfriend is running for the door. When the dance floor is rocking you need to see who had the best moves. This camera helps me freeze the moments that seem to blaze by, while not interrupting the flow with a big lens in your face.



Small. Light. Wide. For moments when I don’t have time to change lenses. This little beast helps me capture moments as they happen. Freezing emotion, motion, love, all at once in a small package. The story telling camera.