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Commonly known as “what people think of when they think of the ‘film look’” Portra 4 is the Cadillac (Rolls Royce) of films. Indoor, outdoor, low light, good at them all. Exposure latitude that is never ending. Very fine grain. Natural skin tones. All of that is to say, its the all around champ in the film world for beautiful photos.



When the light gets low, the speed must go up. As the sun goes down and the beautiful reds and oranges peek over the horizon the 800 comes out. With a higher saturation and a bit more speed than 400, the colors will really start to pop. With a little more grain than 400 you will have a more authentic “film” look but don’t doubt the beauty this film can produce.



Known for its cooler look with its beautiful magenta and green hues, Fuji 400H is a common place wedding film. With very low saturation it will produce softer, more pastel photos, a vibe. If you have an outdoor wedding or shoot with a lot of greenery, this may be the way to go.